Spring Updates

Spring Updates

Happy Springtime

We spent some of the spring holidays rolling out an update for our MediaCloud containing big changes underneath the surface.

Asset Sharing

Allowing multiple participants to provide sub-services to a title delivery is imperative when providing a worldclass media delivery service.
An aggregator might provide territorial, locale and pricing data, whereas the local licensor or content owner as we call them, is responsible, amongst other things, for providing the feature file.
Finally, we as the encoding house performs QC and delivery services.

This new update allows us to easily share relevant titles and files between companies when executing digital delivery orders – we only share files with content owner company approval.

In the future we will extend the asset sharing feature to allow any company to connect to all existing titles – thus facilitating a community-driven approach to working with titles in MediaCloud.

More on this exciting subject later this year.

Global Title

We have introduced a new metadata field across asset types called Global Title.
This field is what the system uses as the asset title when displaying the asset in the UI.

The purpose of this field is to have an international representation of each asset – which is especially relevant for titles originating from a non-english speaking country.

The field will automatically be populated if one of the following rules applies:

  1. Original Title is filled out and the title has English as the original spoken language
  2. Local Title is filled out in English

If none of the above applies, then the Global Title field has to be filled out manually.

Asset Types

All companies now have access to every asset type supported by the system instead of only showing specific types enabled by an admin when the company is created.

We currently support e-books, audiobooks, music titles, TV series and movies.

Epub Metadata

The system now automatically attempts to ingest Local Title, Publisher, Author, ISBN and Language from e-pubs that are uploaded to the system – if those fields are not already filled out by the user.

ContentBase is Growing

Our client Scanbox had great success selling the title The Square as a personally signed physical pre-order product in a joint-venture with Danish newssite Politiken Plus, generating a demand of 50% above the expectations.

The store is still open for orders for the regular DVD/Blu-ray at filmbutikken.contentbase.dk.


We are currently putting final touches on improving support for bundled products, allowing content to be sold as standalone and in one or more bundles in the same store.

Stay tuned for upcoming newsletters where we will inform you further.