What is Dicentia?

Dicentia is a full-service, cross-media company that helps film companies, record companies, publishers and other license holders maximise the value of their content.


What is Dicentia’s specialty?

Dicentia specialises in the physical and digital distribution of film, music, games and audio books. Additionally, we handle every aspect of the value chain from content to market.


Which media platforms does Dicentia offer?

Dicentia works across physical and digital media platforms to help our customers capitalise on their content via production, replication, promotion, distribution and sales of DVDs, Blu-ray discs, CDs, CD-ROMs and merchandise as well as via mobile and online services.


What is Dicentia’s mission?

Dicentia’s primary mission is to help license holders derive the maximum value from their content and rights in the shortest time possible while their content/artist is still popular and demand is high.