Thank you very much

Thank You Very Much

Team Dicentia

Team Dicentia

Thanks for your interest in working for us and for filling out the Translation information form.

As we constantly are in need of translators or proofreaders for subtitling or dubbing projects, we are keen to find out what you can offer us as a native translator or proofreader.

Your personal data will be stored for one year in our secure database from were we continuously will select new native translators and proofreaders for upcoming projects.

You can always ask to get your personal data deleted by filling out the contact form on and write your request.

Read about our Privacy Policy.

As you have not yet worked for us, you will be tested and vetted before a proper onboarding to our Localization system – Localizor. This process will happen when we have an assignment for you.
You will then be contacted by the Dicentia Team if they find your profil fitting to the assignment. Therefore, we can’t tell you when you will be contacted for an assignment.

Thank you again for your interest and for your application.

We will be in contact with you when a project requires your skills.

Team Dicentia

Dicentia Studios A/S.
Copenhagen, Denmark