Invoicing and Payment terms

Invoicing and Payment Terms

How to invoice Blu Digital Group?

This page is to inform you on how you invoice Blu Digital Group (former Dicentia Studios) for subtitling projects. Below you will find all the information you need to invoice us. Click on the “+” to open the chapters.

There are two ways to invoice Blu Digital Group.

1. If you work in Localizor (Pipeline) on a subtitling project you will invoice us from Pipeline. To read more about how this works please read the section below called “How to invoice projects done in Localizor (Pipeline).
2. If you work on a template/subtitle creation or conform task in your own tool you will need to send us an invoice directly to

Please note: The is a non-reply email. You can only send invoices to it. If you have questions on invoicing or payment write to Lena Cronvall  on


Invoices that you previously issued to Dicentia Studios A/S should now be issued to:
Blu Digital Group Denmark A/S
Carl Jacobsens Vej 16, 4 2500 Valby Denmark
VAT number (remains the same): DK29421978

This means that all payments made from us will state Blu Digital Group Denmark A/S as the sender.

How to invoice projects done in Localizor (Pipeline)?

When you have submitted your translation or QC in Localizor and the subtitle has been approved by the Project Manager, you will receive an email with the “Invoice Basis” from Pipeline. This states that you now can invoice us for the title or episode of the series you are working on. Feel free to upload your own invoice or accept the invoice basis if you prefer to use it.

Please note: The invoice basis’s is an help to keep track of all your projects done in Localizor. If you have not received an invoice basis in time feel free to send your own invoice if you cannot wait for the invoice basis to be activated.

You can also find the “Invoice Basis” in Pipeline under the menu “Invoice”.
When you receive an “Invoice Basis” you can see a no. in red next to the “Invoice” tab in Pipeline on your profile. When you click on this you see all the invoice basis that has been activated.

Now you need to accept the autogenerated invoice basis (duration, rate per min agreed with PM, title, language) and add your billing details.

Please note that our system is calculating the currency you have added on your profile in Pipeline. If it is the wrong currency please change your profile before you accept the invoice basis.

You can also upload your own invoice by clicking “Choose file” or if there is an error in the invoice basis sent to you from Pipeline you simple create your own invoice an upload it by clicking “Choose file”.

When you have submitted your invoice in Pipeline, you will receive an email confirming it.

Note: When invoicing a series, we activated the “invoice basis” when you have translated/proofread half way through the series and it has been approved by the Project Manager.

If you want to bundle multiple invoices into one payment, please make sure that all invoices have the same invoice date.

How does the autogenerated invoice basis from Pipeline calculate the video min.?

The auto-generated invoice from Pipeline is calculating video minutes as followed:
45:01 min video up till 45:29 will calculate 45 min. in the invoice.
45:30 min video up till 45.59 will calculate 46 min. in the invoice.

Payment Terms.

The Payment terms are 30 days net.

Payment can be made by bank transfer or Paypal:
– Bank transfer: IBAN and SWIFT CODE must be stated on your invoice
– Paypal: In addition to the original invoice, we need you to create a “Paypal invoice” and send it within Paypal to our Paypal account:

Do you have an invoicing question?

If you have any questions regarding invoicing or the new invoicing system, please reach out to Henrik Thaysen (

Do you have a payment question or do you want to know when you will get paid?

If you have an invoice that has not yet been paid yet, please reach out to Lena (

How to update your bank and personal details on your profile?

Please always make sure that your bank and personal details are updated on your profile in Pipeline.

If your personal and bank details have changed, please follow this guide on how to update your info:

Registration form: Please fill in the registration form so that we can get you registered in our payment system. This will ensure quicker pay out. Watch this tutorial video on how to fill out the form.

After you have submitted the registration form an email will be sent to finance department in Denmark. They will update your information.

Reach out to Lena Cronvall  on if you have any questions.

Dicentia Studios is now Blu Digital Group. Read about it.

In December 2022 Dicentia Studios was acquired by Blu Digital Group and is now part of Blu Digital Group in Burbank USA.
You can read more about it here.

Contact Finance Department

Lena Cronvall
Regional Finance Manager
Blu Digital Group
+45 8745 4562