Checklist for proofreading subtitles

Checklist for proofreading

This checklist is essential and expected of you to go through before you submit your proofreader suggestions of the translation in Localizor.

  1. Check for SGP (Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation) errors. Does the translation have ungrammatical sentences, missing punctuation, or same word is repeated twice.
  2. Always proofread and QC with playing the video together with the subtitle translation.
  3. Does the translation follow terminology (character corruptions/diacritics)? Check with the KNP and formality sheet provided. Take note of any recurring terms that may be missing from the KNP and do a final check for consistency. Take note of the formality register – at least between principal characters. Notify Dicentia PM if KNP has not been filled out.
  4. Perform a validation check in Localizor. It helps you to find the following possible errors in the subtitle translation:

    Redundant text
    Reading speed issues
    etc. (Anne write more to this section)
  5. Always check for plot-relevant on-screens and that the subs are top aligned when subs cover one-screens.
  6. Check for missing translation or mistranslation.
  7. Search to see if hyphens are following TTSG guidelines.
  8. Check if the translator credits are correctly written (Anne make a link on the website):
  9. Are all FN (Force Narrative) added? Check to see if all necessary narratives are included.
  10. If show guide is provided, please check it to see if you’ve missed anything.
  11. Does the subtitle translation follow Netflix TTSG for your local language? Check also for Netflix TTSG updates.


Timed Text Style Guide (TTSG):

General requirements

Please select your languages from the Netflix TTSG:

Local language guide English