December Updates

December Updates

Happy New Year

We are starting the new year with a recap on the final month of 2017 and an insight into the exciting projects in 2018.

Stability and Security

Throughout the year we have focused extensively on improving our digital services, most importantly concerning stability and security, and December was no exception.
We upgraded the resources on several of our in-house services and our cloud services, which allows us to better handle future periods of high activity.

We will continue to work hard in 2018 to ensure our services remains scalable, reliable and secure.

Quality Control

We are gradually upgrading our QC suites to improve management of HDR and 4K video content.
Simultaneously we are working with our QC department on automating the process of conforming source material, so that our clients have an even more efficient and effortless way of creating additional revenue for your content catalogue.


Whats in Store for 2018?

Consolidate Digital Services

Our primary focus is to launch a redesign of our MediaCloud asset management system, where all our digital services are consolidated into a single user experience.
We will start a controlled alpha testing phase of the order management feature within the new application in Q1.
Simply put, this initiative will allow you to get a complete overview on all your pending and on-going digital delivery requests.

Playeo Marketing Platform

With funding from Creative Europe MEDIA we are taking the initial steps towards launching a groundbreaking platform named Playeo, for brands that want to combine marketing campaigns and European feature films.
We will shortly launch a sign-up page allowing you to register for early access and more information.

Stay tuned for upcoming newsletters where we will inform you further.

The Project Vision and objective of this project is to deliver an online content marketing platform, which connects content owners, aggregators and distributors of European feature films, documentaries, animations and fiction to marketers of enterprises and brands in Europe and globally.