Expand your content to
new markets with subtitles
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Expand your Reach with Subtitling your Content

MediaCloud, a secure Content Management tool.
Add your requirements to MediaCloud and submit your order.
Follow your content get processed, step by step, in Localiser a transparent Project Management tool.
Get your localized content distributed directly from MediaCloud to the required market.

Expand your content to new markets with subtitles

Connect emotionally with your audience in their local language by expanding your reach with subtitles. Dicentia can localize and manage high quality subtitling services in 30+ languages for both digital and physical distribution. We deliver subtitles to OTT streaming platforms, broadcast TV stations and Corporate videos in the any required format. We give you access to your content 24/7 so you can keep updated on how things are progressing.

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Certified One Stop Shop Cross Media Company at your fingertip

Subtitle translators at your fingertip

Our professional freelancer are vetted for quality and work fast to meet your deadline.

Secure content platform

Your content is secured and protected with us.

Transparent Content Management Tool

We deliver you high quality with OTT requirements in a transparent process that keeps you updated on process and deadline.

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We translate, transform and scale your content on any media to any territories in 30+ languages.

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